Homa Therapy


Homa Therapy belongs to the sciences of life as described in the Vedic scriptures. It is based on the process of conversion or removal of toxic states in the atmosphere by means of Vedic fire techniques called Homa or Yajnya (Yagna). Agnihotra is the fundamental fire ceremony. There are also other simple yajnyas, such as the OM Tryambakam Homa, which is also practiced and passed on at the Homa-Hof. The central idea of the Homa Therapy is:

"Heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere will heal you."

Through the practice of Yagnas we can counteract the present-day pollution, which places a heavy burden on the Earth and all its creatures. Yajnyas set processes in motion that have a purifying and harmonizing effect on the air and the entire atmosphere, on water and earth, in the material as well as in the subtle realm. We create a harmonious energy cycle that has a positive effect on the energy system of humans and nature.

The Homa Therapy consists of performing Homa fires and using the remaining highly vibrational ashes. Due to its holistic and universal effectiveness, it can be used successfully in many areas. The following statements are based on experience; many effects have already been confirmed by scientists.



Air pollution is a global problem today. Yajnyas purify the surrounding air and greatly reduce toxins in the atmosphere. Cloud formation can be influenced to produce nourishing rain. Dirty water can be purified by yajnyas and the remaining ash. The practice of special Homa fires can contribute to close the ozone layer which is damaged by the pollution. The entire ecosystem benefits from Homa Therapy. Birds seek refuge and relief in places where Homa is performed on a regular basis.



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Garden and agriculture

In Homa cultivation, the subtle energy structure of plants is strengthened, the quality of the soil is upgraded and much more. The germination of the seeds and the rooting are promoted which enable a better nutrient uptake, faster growth and thus good crop yield. Homa vegetables and fruits have harmonious structures, taste better and have a longer shelf life - all with less expenditure, since no chemicals for fertilization and crop protection such as pesticides and herbicides are needed.

At the Homa-Hof Heiligenberg we practice Homa Farming in vegetable gardening, orchards and beekeeping.


Experiments with Homa in damaged forest areas have shown that after a short time, diseased trees formed new leaves, lichen was reduced and the pH of an acidic soil increased from 4.6 to 6.8. Unwanted insects such as bark beetles moved away from the experimental area, and the animals of the forest became very trusting. Again and again, animals look for healing places where Homa is performed.


Livestock farming

There are good successes with Homa. The animals are calmer and more balanced whether they are kept in the barn or out on the pasture. Many animals have already been successfully treated with Agnihotra ash, for example in case of suppurations, ulcers, parasites, but also in epidemics..



Yaynyas purify the ambient air and are a great help in respiratory diseases, especially in asthma. Agnihotra ash is used as a supportive remedy in case of many diseases and health complaints. By adding ghee (1 part ash to 9 parts ghee) an ointment can also be made. There are innumerable reports of healing in humans, animals and plants, even in case of diseases where there was no other remedy..


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Measurements of the brainwaves showed that within minutes Agnihotra generates such peaceful states of consciousness as they are otherwise detectable in deep meditation only.

Yajnyas purify the subtle atmosphere, thus eliminating stress and tensions of mind. Our energy system comes back into harmony and an atmosphere of peace is created. Great successes have already been achieved in the treatment of addicts, depression, anxiety, trauma, overactive children, and so on.


Spiritual development

Homa Therapy is the fundamental material aid to transforming our minds so that they are filled with love and humility. Thereby the subtle vibration is raised very much. The visible transformation by fire - the burning of material substances that transform into energy, light and heat - is the counterpart of an internal process: it is the process of transforming an earthly, worldly human into a conscious, spiritual being, flooded by divine light.

On the Homa-Hof Heiligenberg you can see and experience the effects of Homa Therapy in many areas. The healthy, large plants are convincing, and the taste of fruits and vegetables often triggers happy amazement. Again and again, visitors of the Homa-Hof report how they experienced a relaxed and peaceful state of mind within a very short time, became pain-free or breathed new air. Some of them also sensed and absorbed the subtle energy (vibration) and usually classified it higher than anything they had experienced so far. In cases where the vibration was measured with instruments, it almost regularly exceeded the highest values of the respective measurement scale.

Testimonials are regularly published in the magazine Agnihotra Aktuell“ (in German). Detailed descriptions of the practical application of Homa Therapy have been compiled in the book “Agnihotra - Origin, Practice and Applications“, available as print version and E-book


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