The royal principle




Plants follow the example of a head that we call “king”.

The history of this discovery began about 20 years ago during the mushroom-cultivation in the cellar of Horst and Birgitt`s house. When on a bale with brown-colored mushrooms (lat. agaricus bisporus) the two biggest mushrooms were harvested, all the other mushrooms opened their pileus and stopped growing.

After a further developing of mushrooms, the first big mushroom which towered above all the others was left standing although it seemed already completely ripened. Surprisingly, all mushrooms grew up to a remarkable size now. A bumper crop was harvested! The first mushroom meanwhile hardly carried on ripening; it kept its size, weight and, as could be noticed later, also its outstanding taste – like a “king”!

Each of the further attempts confirmed clearly: When the first big brown cap mushroom was taken away, also the remaining mushrooms stopped growing. When in comparison the first big mushroom was left standing until all the others had opened their pileus by themselves, a maximum earning was reached. Thereby the “king” could make a weight of 950 grams or even more than one kilogram!


Now the question arose if this “royal principle” could be transferred onto other species of plants and even be applied to a much bigger framework. During the cultivation of vegetable at Homa-Hof we tested if every sort of plant species is lead by a “head”, a “king”. The result was obvious. Especially with the winter vegetable which remains in the soil for a long time in the season, a king could be made out unmistakably. He always grows up to a remarkable or even extraordinary size and each time is the king in taste too. All plants of the same species strive for his greatness.

The highly energetic ash which is used as manure at the Homa-Hof is also responsible for the extraordinary growth.

Still today the Homa-Hof Heiligenberg is working with this method discovered by Horst and Birgitt. During harvesting time, from the middle of June until the middle of October, you have the opportunity to learn how to discover the king of the plants and how to cultivate according to the “royal principle” on your own.